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A delicious variety of foods, cooked low ‘n’ slow, or over fire and smoke

Samad, THE BBQ Matador

Cooking has always been a huge passion of mine and I especially love cooking with fire. My love for this was first started as a child whilst visiting my family in Bangladesh and watching them cook over a fire pit. From then on, I have spent my time honing my cooking skills and perfecting recipes from all around the world to make authentic and flavourful food cooked by fire. All of this is reflected in the menu choices I can offer you.

Alongside my charcoal bbq’s I have now added a custom made offset smoker to my repertoire of equipment, meaning I can make a delicious variety of foods whether it be cooked low ‘n’ slow, or over fire and smoke – making any event memorable.

BBQ Chicken thighs

Catering for Birthdays, Engagements, Weddings and Celebrations

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A complete catering service

Our catering service takes everything into account. From planning your party, budget and number of guests, to arranging your menu choices, we’ll handle everything for you.

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